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Link love & pimping my blog.


Lifestyle + Travel Photographer and Writer.

Link love & pimping my blog.

Veronica Armstrong

September was a straight hustle. It was wonderful welcoming autumn. This is my favorite time of the year but I'm beat. My husband was out of town most of this week. He's been super busy with classes, recruiting, and projects most days. I'm on my own and totally bit off more than I could chew in terms of blogging, writing, and working on my book. I took care of business but whew. I am cooked.

I'm caught up and hoping for a much mellower October. My husband received the offer from the company he interned at this summer. Wonderful news and I am happy for him but nothing is finalized and I'm antsy as usual. I even started house shopping. Oh well. We will know more in a few weeks when he (well - we) makes a final decision.

I shot a beautiful wedding today. Saw a lovely friend I hadn't seen since high school. Am co-leading the Ithaca, New York ClickinWalk with Monique tomorrow. Then?

I hope to relax a bit.

Here's some great stuff I saw around the internet this week:

Pimp time. I have a ton of giveaways going on right now and I (obviously) think they're pretty rad. Would love it if you checked them out. Grab a glass of wine, look at some cute pictures, and enter to win a few awesome prizes. Go nuts. It's Saturday night.


 Have a great weekend.