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Signature Set Photoshop Action Giveaway


Lifestyle + Travel Photographer and Writer.

Signature Set Photoshop Action Giveaway

Veronica Armstrong

You might remember Marissa Gifford from the amazing photography tutorial she graciously shared here last year. Marissa has been busy running a successful portrait business and developing some incredible Photoshop actions (Elements too!). I've been tinkering with them and am impressed. I've gone through several phases with Photoshop actions. First as a new photographer who knew nothing about light let alone how to properly use an action and as a result had some inconsistent and unflattering post processing due to an unbridled enthusiasm for any actions I could get my hands on.


Then I went through a snobby phase where I refused to use (or purchase anymore) actions until I learned more about post processing and how the actions would affect my images. Eye-opening. I learned a ton but editing photos became a tedious chore.

Currently I'm in a "I know what my look is and if this action is going to save me time while preserving my vision I am all over it" phase.

The Signature Set complements my current phase perfectly. Marissa also throws in a handy PDF guide containing action recipes and descriptions. I wish all actions came with those. Would definitely save many of us a ton of frustration. It's a really nice touch. Veronica-Armstrong-marissa-gifford-photography-photoshop-actions

Straight out of the camera


Elemental B & W




Clean Workflow 100% | Extra Pop 100% | Plum Velvet 100% with Velvet Matte turned on




Clean Workflow 60% | Cafe au Lait 80% (masked off skin) | Lifestyle Color 30% Matte turned on (masked off skin)

The actions are powerful yet subtle. They don't require a ton of adjustments. Beautiful, simple, and affordable. If you'd like to give them a try Marissa has kindly set up a discount code for my fabulous readers. Use code "Veronica" and get 30% off when you purchase the Signature Set. Make sure to check out Marissa on Facebook so that you can stay up to date with her latest offerings and check out her amazing photography.

One lucky commenter will win the Signature Set Photoshop or Elements Actions. Leave a comment below telling me your number one editing challenge and I'll choose a winner via "And the winner is" plugin. Giveaway ends on February 11, 2013 at 11:59 est.

Good luck xo

*Update: The plugin would not work for me and instead of spending hours trying to figure out why I went the old school route and used ye olde*

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 9.16.39 PM



Congratulations Suzanne!