I'm Veronica. I (mostly) blog about launching a startup while working at a startup.

Blogging about startup life

Blogging about startup life

Startup life

Curious about startup life? Wondering if it's for you? Desperate to find out if it's anything like the HBO show Silicon Valley?

Join the club.

When I grew painfully tired of middle management in Midwestern Corporate America, I immediately turned to the internet in search of stories shared by others who have found themselves in a similar place.

I found none.

What I found were the same names and the same stories. Same companies and same locations. Valuation salivation and entrepreneurial porn. There is no content for boring (am I boring?), regular people who are interested in pursuing a career at a tech startup.

I've broken my two years long blog break to address this. If you've stuck with me since the CrunchyVTMommy days (groan) you're a champion. Thank you. You may already know that life is much different for me seven years later.

If you're new, hello and welcome. I work at the best startup ever. No joke. It's called Lovepop and we make incredible 3D laser-cut and hand assembled pop-up greetings cards. I'm the Head of Customer Happiness and wildly in love with what I do. 

Why I started blogging

I created my first blog, CrunchyVTMommy, in 2009 shortly after my first child; Preston was born. There were no relate-able natural parenting blogs for a multicultural family, living a semi-crunchy lifestyle in Vermont.

I changed that.

It was the golden age of "mommy blogging". Sponsorships and legit work from home opportunities as far as a mommy blogger's eye could see. Exciting times for a woman, whose greatest thrill at the time, was making it to the farmer's market before the best arugula wilted.

Without having a clue about what I was doing or why I was doing it, through blogging, I found that my voice resonated with many. My first blog morphed into an awesome community centered around our shared interests and our collective fondness of messing with celebrities on Twitter. It was an incredible creative contrast to my interesting yet uninspiring professional career at a global Defense Contractor.

Not long after my daughter Cameron was born, a short fourteen months after Preston, my husband was accepted into Cornell University's Johnson School of Business. We left Vermont and headed to Ithaca, New York. I began blogging at about life as an Ivy League MBA wife, parenting, and my newfound passion (obsession?) with photography.

I never expected to be a stay at home mom, and while it was excruciatingly difficult to raise two young children mostly alone in a six hundred square foot dorm (I cried so many times), I craved something else to occupy my time.

I began working as a freelancer and produced written and visual content for clients, managed social media accounts, and took on the occasional paid photography gig. I crafted a career that was perfectly aligned with my lifestyle and skills.

It was empowering to learn that I was in full control of my professional destiny and career trajectory versus at the whim of some HR random.

I grew a lot during the evolution of the blog and experienced many rad opportunities including a feature in a nationally televised commercial for a major brand.

And then...

Life happened, and the blog became difficult to sustain. I've missed writing and the connections I've made via blogging. I'm back, and I'll be writing about startup life, tech news, parenting big(ger) kids, and more.

Welcome :)

September is the new new year

September is the new new year