12 in 2012. Making it happen. Part I

Jill of Baby Rabies has an awesome linky up called 12 To Do in 2012. I loved the idea and am excited to participate. Of course I am late to the game but if you are a regular reader you know what my life is like now. Hopefully you aren't too sick of New Year's resolution type posts. If you are I don't mind because I am using this post as a serious attempt at personal accountability. At the risk of sounding obnoxious 2011 was a fantastic year. Of course there were ups, downs, disappointments, and death. It is unavoidable. There were also blessings, dreams that came true, and a multitude of unexpected surprises.

I demand more from 2012 and fully intend to execute every goal and dream I outline below and then some.

1. Obtain my driver's license

I know I say this every year but I am going to make it happen. I was halfway there before we left Vermont. I mean it this time. I will get my license. I probably still won't drive since passenger side blogging and picture-taking are two of my favorite activities but I am an old lady and its time. I'll do it.

You know what though? My husband wants me to get my license and I know why. He wants *me* to run out for late night snacks and I kind of like things the way they are. That is a downside.

2. Improve my photography skills

My love of photography began a long time but I did not put it into serious practice until much recently. Completing my first Clickin Moms workshop was a turning point for me. I adore photography.

As a child I competed in pageants and the photogenic trophy was usually mine for the taking. I knew subconsciously what a photographer needed to make a winning picture. I need to reverse that skill and capture more than just my cherubs.

There are a million technical aspects I will improve upon slowly but eventually but my main goal for the year is to work on my creativity.

3. Become more social

I don't dislike people but I am exhausted, usually alone with the kids, and have no babysitter. This is a tough one but my mother's helper seems to have a lighter workload this semester so maybe she is up for some babysitting sometime. There is a strip club/fried chicken place in Rochester, NY we are dying to try. Kidding. Maybe.

4. Potty train both kids

God help me. I intend to start with Pweezy any day now. I am procrastinating in the worst way. I don't want to stress him out our upset him but its time. Also, he thinks potty train = train that revolves around the potty. Not sure how to clear up that misconception.

5. Lose 30 pounds

This one is easy. I know what I have to do and I am on my way. I want the old me back and she's already returning. Easy. I need my old body back if, God forbid, I needed to strip to support my family. Think about it.

Sure, a husband with a Cornell MBA is nice to fall back on but you never know how its going down during this alleged upcoming zombie apocalypse. Stripping or running really fast may be your only options and both require being in decent shape. So. Ya.

6. Prepare more food staples at home

I need to jar my own applesauce, vanilla extract, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, bread, and everything else that is simple to make. Why am I buying these things? Probably because I have no spare time but I don't care. I am going to make this happen.


I'll post part II tomorrow. Also this picture is completely irrelevant  but cute.