2012 Clickinmoms ClickinWalk Ithaca, New York

Sigh. Our ClickinWalk was rained out. I was so looking forward to a few kid free hours with my camera and fellow photography fiends. Taking photos without simultaneously wrangling my children isn't something I do often. It was an overcast, cool autumn day (my favorite) with 30% chance of rain. That 30% turned to 100% and I was pretty bummed.

Two participants cancelled at the last-minute. Monique and I thought we were on our own, which we didn't mind but then we heard from a fellow ClickinMom and made it a trio. The three of us did our best, walking around in the cold rain with our big ass cameras but it was difficult. For me anyway. I didn't want to get my camera or lenses too wet. We saw a glimpse of the sun but the rain wouldn't let up.

It was great getting to know Joanne and seeing Monique again. We're moving soon and I know it might be a long time before we get together so that was an upside to our cold, wet photography walk. We finished off the walk with a mexican snack at Viva Taqueria.

I'm trying to look at the bright side. I got a chance to practice my street photography and had a few hours to myself. There. It's not so bad.


My shots? Meh. That's a different story. Still an improvement from last year so I'm thankful for that. I could beat myself up but I'll leave it on a positive note.

Yay for practicing my black and white post processing :)

Did you participate in this year's ClickinWalk? Leave me a link so I can check out your shots.