A Fun Play Date & a Stylized Photo Shoot Gone Awry

This was supposed to be my Wordless Wednesday post but clearly I am feeling a bit chatty. Enjoy : ) My son thinks my friend Amanda's son is the coolest guy on earth. He says they're best buddies. I knew he wanted to play trains with his best buddy before we left for Indiana so I hit up Amanda. She kindly drove ninety minutes to Ithaca so our little guys could have a play date. You already know what photographer playdates look like

Amanda and I hauled three toddlers, an Uppababy stuffed with trains, a shopping cart, my Polaroid, a vintage quilt, picnic basket, beautiful chair, and a handful of gorgeous props to an open grassy field next to Cornell's campus. When we arrived there was a group of deer eating peacefully a few feet away. The weather was nice and the sun was warm.

The kids were...somewhat cooperative. Amanda got some incredible shots of Preston (I'll share those next week) but when it came time to shoot Cameron things went awry. She was crabby. Shocking, I know. She is the happiest baby ever until I *really* want her to do something (anything!) and then a tooth decides to poke through. Oh well. Amanda snapped some great photos of Cameron. I didn't since I was trying to keep an eye on the boys but I got a few cute snapshots.

vintage photoshoot toddler girl

Hmm, why am I sitting on this chair wearing these crazy leg ruffles while the boys look for snakes in the grass?

vintage style photoshoot toddler girl

Oh. I see what this is. You didn't bring me out here to play, did you? DID YOU!?!

vintage style photoshoot toddler girl

See Mom, this is why I scribbled on your white couch. I'll do it again too.

vintage style photoshoot toddler girl

Oh, thank Elmo my big brother is here to save me!

How adorable is this vintage dress Amanda brought? I wanted to run away with it. SO CUTE.

Oh, and Cameron if you're reading this (it's a stretch but she already counts to 20 soo) take note: if you don't want pictures taken of yourself, stop being so cuddly and gorgeous. There. I said it.