A new week.

My husband has been gone all weekend. He is stuck at school with his team preparing for another case competition. He leaves early in the morning and comes back in time to snuggle the kids before they sleep. So, I am on my own as usual : ) We have had a fun weekend. Friday we went to the Science Center (if you look closely at the pictures below you can see that I forgot to remove the stickers from their hoodies), Saturday we played outside, made some googly eyed turkeys, and played with the BabbaBox I was sent to review.

I don't want to give away too many details but that thing is awesome. Beyond awesome. I am signing up for it. Period. I *hate* wandering around the craft store aimlessly buying random things to glue and paste. This is going to make my winter a little less dreary. I know it.

There is a Thanksgiving meal today at the business school for student families but I don't think we are going to attend. My husband is exhausted and in the throes of case prep and I am cleaning and packing since we hope to leave for Massachusetts tomorrow night (this depends on whether my husband's team wins the case competition and if they do we are in trouble because my husband's flight to London departs on Tuesday).

I would love to see some of the spouses and children. It has been awhile since we attended a school event but with a one and two-year old getting in the mix while I clean and pack I do not see how I can prepare some Thanksgiving side dishes in the next four hours. I haven't even showered yet.


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I hope your weekend was wonderful.

Happy Sunday : )