A Season of Photography Update & Week III Theme.

I promised not to whine about being tired anymore so I am trying to think of a clever reason for irresponsibly falling behind on posting about the photography challenge. Something about a robot gang holding me hostage. Yes. I am okay. Thank you for asking. Thankfully Kimberly has kept up with it. Check out this week's post.

Here is the winner for the Shoes challenge:

razing mayhem

Kimberly chose this winner but this picture means something to me. I first met Monique on Twitter (of course). She came over for a play date, attended Pweezy's birthday party, and is an all around awesome person. The first thing I noticed about her were her shoes. They kind of say it all about Monique: cute, fun, and sweet. She is also one of my photography idols (as is Kimberly). She is way too modest to ever admit just how fabulous she is so I am doing it here for her.

Congratulations Razing Mayhem. You kick ass.

This week's theme is Toys.

Here is Cmoney playing at one of the nearby playgrounds. See the grill on the left? We have the same one at home. For some reason this one is much more exciting to her. No complaints here. Anything that keeps my chubby velcro baby happy is fine with me.

toy graveyard

Thanks to all of you that have entered and shown your support.

I check out all of your images and they are fantastic. Keep up the good work!

Link up below with your Toys shots.