A Season of Photography Week II. Shoes.

I had a great time checking out last week's Back to School entries but I am even more excited about this week's theme. Cmoney hates shoes with a fiery red-hot passion. I am totally okay with that but my little sweetie is learning to walk and we spend a ton of time outside so a barefoot baby is no longer practical. I bought her these. My husband hates them and says they are the ugliest shoes ever but I don't care. They stay on her feet while we play outside and that is all that I ask. I finally found a pair of shoes Cmoney can't wiggle out of and I feel freaking victorious!


Get creative! Your shoes? Baby shoes? Shoes you stole? Whatever. Grab your camera, point, shoot, link up, and show off.

Here are the instructions for participating:

1. Post one photo. 2. Link the blog post where you have the image OR your Flickr image URL (click on the image and find the URL in the "share" drop down menu) 3. Include our button to your blog post (if you're linking from your blog) 4. Post your camera settings in the comments so that we can all learn from each other 5. Open Friday 7am PST through Sunday 5pm PST

Crunchy VT Mommy