Awkward Playground Experience

It was bound to happen eventually. I had my first awkward playground experience. My husband and I took Pweezy & Cmoney to one of the playgrounds in our student housing development. We noticed a father with a toddler and a boy who appeared to be approximately 5-6 years old. The older boy was spraying the father & younger boy with a squirt gun. The younger boy fell and was injured. The father picked him up and headed home. The older boy followed but then returned shortly after.


nelson muntzOlder boy, lets call him Nelson Muntz, starts squirting P and my husband with the gun. At first it is cute and funny but then he starts squirting my sweet little Pweezy in the face. Repeatedly. My husband asks him numerous times to stop. He doesn't. My husband is furious.

Things get awkward.

My husband confiscates his gun and tells him to go get his father. Nelson refuses and is jumping up and down and whining all around my husband demanding the return of his gun. People are watching. I am mortified.

Things are now super awkward.

I mutter through clenched teeth to my husband to return the freaking water gun to the little maniac. We were trying to enjoy a nice evening with our children and could easily head to another playground. My husband gives Nelson the water gun. We leave and head to the nearby deserted playground.

Things get crazy awkward.

Nelson Muntz followed us! He climbs up on the playground where little Pweezy is playing and starts punching all around P's personal space. He didn't hit him directly but was antagonizing him. I am pretty sure there was steam rushing out of my husband's ears.

At this point I am knee-deep in the most awkward parenting situation of my life.

A woman appears. My husband shouts to her "IS THIS YOUR KID? GET HIM AWAY FROM MY SON! NOOOOOOOW! AND GO GET YOUR HUSBAND!".


Cmoney and I were just horrified. My monocle fell right off my face. Had to take the damn thing to the shop for repair.

Seriously though. You guys probably think I would bum rush the woman and get all crazy fast talking Latina with her but the thing is I freeze when I am scared. And I was really scared that my husband was going to punt that punk kid into outer space. He was punching near our baby! My husband is the most patient person on the planet and like most kind, sweet people you do not want to see him when he is angry.

The woman says...NOTHING! Eventually she motions to her son and they walk off into the sunset together. Never to be seen again. Well not yet. It has only been a week.


How awkward is that? What are you supposed to do when a neighborhood punk is terrorizing your kid? Has this happened to you before?

*UPDATED: My husband just purchased a battery powered water gun to take with him to the playground in case he encounters Nelson Muntz. If Nelson sprays Pweezy again, it's on.*

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