Things have gotten better since last week's temper tantrum. I slept a bit, had some fun with my family, watched a movie with my husband (have you seen this? it made me cry - reminded me of people I love & watched die - it was a fantastic movie but sad too), spoke on the phone with my oldest friend, and spent some time thinking. I think I was doing myself a disservice by stifling any feelings I had of anything less than complete joy and happiness.

It's okay to be bummed out sometimes. It's not fun but it's okay. *Cue Whitney Houston techno beat*

My life is wonderful and I am thankful for the blessings but I'm only human. I suffer disappoints, sometimes self-inflicted, I overreact, and don't function well with little to no sleep.

That was probably a vast understatement. Ask my husband :)

Oh well.

It happens. I'm soldiering on. This period of my life is difficult but brief. I can do this and its mostly good. It's difficult being alone but I have my cherubs. The uncertainty will end soon. We won't be nomads forever. At least we're nomads in cool places. That is nice.

There's always a bright side.

As for the blog, I'll keep it. It's mine. I do love to help others discover their love of photography, develop a passion to improve their skills along with me, learn what to expect from MBA life, or just plain old make people laugh. That isn't going to change so why stop sharing?

I probably won't.

Most of you don't know this but I am a huge Tom Petty fan. Cue my theme song.

 Pictures always cheer my up too.


Fall is near. 

leaf 2

We went on an autumn treasure hunt.


We kicked it at the playground & had fun as usual.

Thanks for reading, commenting, virtual hugging, and being there, er here.