Beautiful Wedding Weekend

In case you haven't noticed I have not been around much. Things are completely crazy at Casa Crunchy. We are adjusting well to our new surroundings but there is a lot left to do before my husband starts classes in six weeks. Most recently we attended the wedding of Pweezy and Cmoney's Godfather Jordy. He married a breathtakingly beautiful woman named Sasha. I refer to Jordy as my second husband because the poor guy has to listen to my big mouth when I am mad at my husband :) Uncle Jordy can get my husband out of any bind. He is a smooth talker like that and has been my husband's best friend since they were kids. Jordy is also the man behind Pweezy's hats. If my boy is in a hot hat then you know who bought it for him.

Sasha is like my third sister. The kids adore her and I cannot tell you how many times she has been a lifesaver to me. We are a little bummed to be so far apart. I am used to having her close by. She would often stop by and visit with the kids so I could get a few hours of some alone time. She is priceless.

We were all beyond excited and honored to attend their wedding. I brought along my new best friend and pretended to be a wedding photographer. While I am bummed that I was not able to have any pictures taken of myself (I actually looked somewhat decent that day. Somewhat.), I am elated that the pictures I did take came out beautifully. Not too bad for a complete DSLR newbie.

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You guys know me pretty well by now and I have probably mentioned my complete and total disdain of weddings. I did not have one. We got married in front of a school bus that sells cheeseburgers (I will tell you more about that later). Weddings usually aren't my thing. This wedding was completely different. It completely took my breath away. Perhaps it was because I love them both so much or maybe it is because Sasha's grandmother cooks like an angel.

Sasha was the most gorgeous bride I have ever seen.

Congratulations Jordy & Sasha. We love you more than words can say.