Black and White Photography Blog Circle

It's the end of the month. Can you believe it? I feel like this is becoming a regular routine. Complete and utter disbelief that time has gone by so quickly. A bit of an end of the month freak out. Now, it doesn't really matter that it's the end of the month besides the fact that it means that my days in Europe are dwindling. I try not to focus on that but it's a reality. I'll have to leave eventually. Sigh.

The end of the month on this blog also means personal photography challenges. I posted about the Lensbaby challenege yesterday and today I'm sharing a black and white circle. I've teamed up with even more talented photographers to post a black and white shot once a month at the end of the month.

Sounds easy right? Well, when you're trying to create a photo with dymanic light that will work in monochrome things sometimes get difficult. Hitting a black and white action in Photoshop is easy. Making a good photo that is explicitly meant to be colorless is not.

Backlit black and whites are one of my favorite things. I've had a difficult time getting decent non goofy shots of Preston as of late. I finally nailed a few yesterday. We were outside playing in the garden at sunset. I was shooting Preston and Cameron dancing in circles when suddenly Preston charged me. Perfection. To me anyway.



Next up in the blog circle is the lovely Rhonda. Grab a warm drink, be inspired, leave some love, and keep clicking through for more black and white beauty.