Cabecitas Lindas No Tug Hair Tie Review

You may remember lovely Etsy Shop, Cabecitas Lindas, from my post about Cmoney's birthday party. Oh and Cabecitas Lindas means "Pretty Little Heads" in Spanish. So. Cute. The shop offers stunning fascinators but they also have adorable headbands, clippies, and no tug hair ties as well.

hair ties

I have to admit I was a little skeptical upon first inspection. Cmoney has a serious fro and it takes some serious muscle to get her hair into pigtails. Her hair is soft and manageable but she has a ton of it. I was worried that the ties wouldn't be strong enough to hold her hair. I was wrong. The ties held her hair all day and were so much easier (and pain-free) to remove at night.

hair ties I

hair ties III

hair ties II

I am pleased with the hair ties and have stopped using elastics completely. They do cost more than elastics so I am careful to put them in a safe place at night but they are a lot less expensive than the similar hair ties I have seen at Anthropologie. These work in my hair as well. I love having a daughter and stealing her accessories. Cabecitas Lindas offers 5 hair ties for $6.50 + really inexpensive (for Etsy anyway) shipping. If you are tired of pigtail and ponytail battles you should give these a try. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

***I was provided with a package of hair ties for review purposes. The opinions expressed above are my own and were not influenced by anyone.***