Can't nobody hold me down..Oh no I got to keep on movin.

Is this stuck in your head now? Oh, good that means you're old like me. This is one of those songs that stuck with me. I remember where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard it. Total game changer. The song they sampled is a classic too. All around winner. Golden oldies and such.

Anyhoo. HI!

I really miss blogging and checking in with you guys. I succumbed to a random plague that was going around graduate housing. I'm sure I caught it when a set of *adorable* twins coughed in my face a few weeks ago. No one enjoys being sick but I had never experienced the torture of being alone and sick with two sick toddlers for a week with no break. It was not a good time but it could always be worse and I am thankful that it has passed. Also, I am hopeful that I won't catch another horrible cold this year. I can't! This was my third severe cold in less than two months. Ugh, fingers crossed.

I have a ton of great news, pictures, and updates to share this week. I am slowly catching up. My mother and sister drove six hours to Ithaca, NY for an impromptu visit and I had a fantastic time. Actually I had too much fun during a date night with my husband. Apparently two glasses of wine and a beer over a span of four hours and thousands of calories is too much for my lame self to handle. I got sick. Use your imagination : ) My mother and sister found it pretty amusing and we spent Sunday kicking it at brunch with a fellow MBA wife and then plopped on the couch snuggling the kids for the rest of the day.

OH! And I broke one pair of glasses and lost another so if you notice anything awry with my internet musings or pictures there is my excuse. I cannot see a thing and need to figure out where to squeeze an eye doctor visit in. Boourns.

Here is a piece I wrote for BabyGizmo about using Pinterest for meal planning. Check it out, follow me, and let me see what awesome menu ideas you have up your sleeve.

Anyway, I hope everything is well with you guys. If you have today off I hope the sun is shining and you are enjoying your break. If you don't I suggest you go hide in the bathroom and take a personal coffee break.

Breaking news: My husband *just* informed me that he was accepted into London School of Economics study abroad program. So we are London bound in about ten months. I am so excited that I cannot even stand the wait. LONDON!

Have a great day and take that, take that.


hanging with grandma