Centrum ProNutrient Probiotic Supplements #NutritionPossible

I began taking probiotics as a supplement about a year and a half ago. Pweezy was diagnosed with oral thrush and I was prescribed an antibiotic. I read an article that suggested taking a probiotic while on antibiotics in order to balance the bad bacteria with the good. It sounded like common sense to me.

Pweezy is now 2 and Cmoney will soon be a year old. I am happy to report that we have not had another issue with thrush. There is obviously no way to prove that my regular use of probiotics attributed to the prevention of another occurrence of thrush but it certainly did not hurt. If you have ever taken probiotics then you know how expensive they are. I spent over $25 a month on probiotics. The cost didn't bother me much because after experiencing thrush I was eager to do anything to prevent my children from contracting it again. I also have a family history of severe GI issues and am careful to take care of myself with preventative supplements and a decent diet (I say decent because I do enjoy donuts. I more than enjoy donuts. I am only human).

I was recently introduced to Centrum ProNutrient Probiotic Supplements and have been using them for several weeks. Centrum has been my go to brand for multivitamins since I was a teenager so I was eager to try their probiotic product. So far so good. I feel great. Cmoney is still nursing and we haven't had any issues.

Centrum ProNutrient Probiotic Supplements

I have slowly been working towards my fitness goals since the birth of Cmoney. We typically spend a few hours a day outside. I like to walk and run when possible. One of the benefits of using the Centrum ProNutrient Probiotic Supplements versus my old refrigerated capsules is their portability.

As a mother of 2 small children it can be difficult to remember to take care of myself. I keep the small envelope of the probiotic stashed in my stroller. How easy is that? I use it everyday. It is where my lip gloss lives so there is no forgetting. I empty the envelope into my water bottle and keep it moving. You can even sprinkle the tasteless and odorless probiotics on your cool/cold food. No excuses.

Centrum ProNutrient Probiotic Supplements

If you are taking a probiotic I encourage you to switch to Centrum ProNutrient Probiotic Supplements. They work as well as my previous much more expensive brand. If you do not use probiotic supplements then you need to do a quick google search and read up on the benefits of probiotic use. Here is a coupon so that you can try the supplements and experience the benefits for yourself.


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