ClickinMoms Team Breakouts: All Access Pass

ClickinMoms often offers fantastic and affordable Breakout sessions that are kind of like study at your own pace mini workshops. Although I have taken a few workshops they can add up and get pricey for those of us who aren't raking in thousands from a photography business.

The knowledge is well worth the price tag but it isn't always financially feasible which is why I love Breakouts. I've purchased several including Allison Zercher's Breakout on Finding the Frame & Stacie Turner's session on Emotive Portraiture. Both provided me with a wealth of information that totally exceeded the price tag. I haven't purchased a less than spectacular Breakout Session yet.

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing a new ClickinMoms educational product called ClickinMoms Team Breakouts: All Access Pass. For $50 you get five different breakout sessions from five phenomenal talented photographers. There is a treasure trove of information included in each breakout session with something for everyone from  a newbie photographer to the pro.

Here is a bit about each session:

Elle Walker: Going against the grain.  This session was so creative. Digital noise is sometimes inescapable and something I struggle with. After reading this passage:

While often regarded as an ‘undesirable or unwanted product of high ISO’s’ the use of noise, as with motion blur and many other technical aspects of photography, is as much an opportunity for creative expression and storytelling as you wish to make it.

I feel inspired to use my camera's limited capabilities (my max ISO is 6400) as opportunities to craft more creative photographs. Instead of throwing in the towel on low light shooting I'm going to make more of an effort to create interesting images and embrace the grain that comes with them.

*Session includes: a humongous, lovely 53 page PDF illustrating examples of creative grain and tips for post processing and in camera manipulation of noise. Also included is a Q&A video recording based on questions asked by registered break out students.

Amii Wroblewski: Developing Pricing. Pricing is geared more towards professionals looking to refocus and aspiring professional photographers. At the moment I only accept a handful of clients via word of mouth but I was still able to extract some use out of this session. Amii has motivated me to reassess my prices. She outlines a ton of considerations I hadn't thought of before such as: the number of clients I would like to take on, what my target market is, and how to calculate sales

If you are considering starting a legitimate photography business and want to avoid a ton of headaches you will love this breakout. If you are a current bro who's banging her head against a desk wondering why the profits aren't rolling this is also for you

*This BO session includes: An in-depth PDF of over 10 pages including a list of fixed business costs to consider, a questionnaire to guide you through your pricing, and a completed sample questionnaire to guide you through the sample exercises & a Q&A video based exclusively on questions asked by registered participants.


Courtney Keim: The Design Elements. I am a design failure. In every single capacity. I just dont have those creative design bones in my body (my husband or Sarah help me a ton). This BO session discusses layouts, texts, fonts, and so much more for your web design, print, and marketing materials.

I appreciated that while Courtney was succinct she also keep it simple. For someone like me who is completely freaked out by typography, color palettes, and such it was not hard to follow along. Hopefully if I reference this breakout often I can someday design a piece of my site or at least some marketing materials on my own.

*The breakout session includes: A beautifully illustrated 34-page PDF jam-packed with examples and tips & a Q&A video based exclusively on questions asked by registered participants.

Jennifer Dell: Editing for Mood & Tone. Ahhh, editing. The bane of many photographers' existence. I'm working on improving composition and shooting with a vision but have totally neglected thoughtful processing. Once youve nailed what you want your image to convey, the last step in determining your photos impact is to edit thoughtfully.

If I had to choose a favorite session it might be this one. Post processing is such a huge mountain to tackle. I absolutely adore the accompanying editing quick reference cards with tips and advice for different post processing moods and styles. I will be referring to it constantly.

*This session includes a 22 page PDF outlining various post processing methods and techniques, 2 step by step post processing videos (one color and one black and white), a quick edit reference guide, and a A Q&A video based on questions asked by registered students in the breakout.


April Nienhuis: iPhoneography. April's guide is super comprehensive and not solely for iPhone users, any camera phone will do. April does show screen shots of iPhone specific settings but the bulk of the breakout has information that any camera phone user could use such as lighting and composition tips.

While this breakout session is fantastic it wasn't too applicable to me. I am an iPhone camera and app veteran but even I was able to learn something new. April suggests turning down the volume on the phone so the shutter isn't heard. A-ha! Of course. No more fake smiles from my toddler when he hears the iPhone shutter.

If you're a camera phone beginner or novice then you need this session. April does a fantastic job of covering all phone photography topics from visualization to the best post processing apps. If you're an expert user you will definitely learn a few net tips and tricks as well. While some of the information may not be new to you April's relatable and light-hearted writing still will keep you interested.

*This session included a 35 page PDF filled with everything you've ever wanted to know about phone photography and a A Q&A video based exclusively on questions from registered participants.

You don't have to be a ClickinMoms member to buy the Breakout Session but if you'd like to try the forums free for a week use the code VERONICATRIAL (if you're ready to sign up use the code VERONICA20 for a 20% off membership discount).


It is back to school time after all. Treat yourself to this amazing breakout session and learn something new.

*Disclosure: I was given the ClickinMoms Team Breakouts All Access pass to review. The opinions expressed above are my own, honest, and have not been influenced by anyone*