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Countdown To Baby: 8+/- Weeks To Go

Last week's countdown was 10+/- Weeks To Go. As my iPhone app has recently informed me I am actually 32 weeks pregnant. I am a week closer which is nice but scary at the same time. Who needs an iPhone app to remind them how far along in their pregnancy they are? I guess that is how second pregnancies go especially when there is a wacky toddler to chase around the house.

Not too much has changed this week. I am still experiencing the breathing issues and feeling huge. Pregnancy insomnia is killing me! I have heard that it is typical at this stage in pregnancy but I cannot take it. I am so exhausted. This week marks my second to last five day work week before maternity week and that is fabulous. I hope that I am able to make it a productive week despite my constant sleepiness. I am also trying to squeeze one more short business trip in before my "break". Eight straight hours in a car with three men should be interesting. 

My husband has evening MBA classes for the next two weeks which means that I am at work for at least nine hours a day and then home alone with the baby for another four hours. I could totally handle it if I wasn't so pregnant and tired. I am sure it is going to be a long week. Fortunately my sister is here for most of it and helping out. 

I should probably also mention that my husband has taken to bribing me with Vermont Smoke & Cure beef sticks. They are delicious. I love them and wish I could eat them non stop. They are something like an all natural Slim Jim. I was in a horrible mood today and complaining about everything. Suddenly he pulled a beef stick out of his (haha) pocket and everything changed! I love them and I am putting the word out that I am willing to do just about anything for one. I am like a dog with Puparoni. 

Preston & Me at the Farmer's Market on Saturday July 30th
On the Ferry from Plattsburgh, NY
Coming Home From Great Grandma's 90th Birthday Party
August 1st

Eight +/- weeks and a lot to do. 
  • Pweezy needs a new car seat
  • The infant car seat needs a serious cleaning
  • Some items I am donating to a teen mother need to be packed up nicely
  • Need to purchase more infant indian pre-fold cloth diapers 
  • Purchase a belly bandit (I really want to try one this time)
I am certain that I have forgotten a million things but I am a crazy pregnant lady that can barely remember to wear shoes upon exiting the house. I'll leave it up to you to let me know if there are any glaring omissions. 

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