Curious George's Mother’s Day Surprise

toddler Curious George I

I was fortunate enough to have been selected to participate in a special blogger screening of an all new Curious George® episode, “Mother’s Day Surprise!,” premiering Friday, May 6 on PBS KIDS® (check local listings). P loves Curious George. One of his favorite toys is a stuffed monkey that his father gave him and he also loves banana. P is all about monkeys and George is his favorite (Boots is second).

We received the DVD which contained an episode celebrating Latina mamás. It was a pleasant surprise. We watch Curious George often. I love PBS because I do not have to worry about commercials, inappropriate marketing, or Janet Jackson's evil nipple showing up on my TV.

Oh, did you know that I'm Latina? I am. I am of Dominican descent. I am a first generation American (USA! USA!) but Spanish is my first language (which I use as an excuse if called out on a grammatical error. No sé!).

It is very important to me that my children are exposed to as many cultures as possible. Living in Vermont does not always afford me that possibility so I use alternative methods including television, Mandarin Chinese iPad flashcards, and music from different cultures (Wacka Flocka = different culture). The familiarty of Curious George along with the celebration of Mothers and Latin Culture was enjoyed by the whole family.

P grabbed his book so that he could "read" along while C played with a Curious George refrigerator magnet. My husband and I enjoyed.

Whether you are of Latin descent or not you will enjoy this special episode. Be sure to check it out with your kids. It is always fun to learn something new and who doesn't love Curious George? The episode will premiere this Friday, May 6 on PBS KIDS® (check local listings).

*I received a Curious George press preview DVD and was not compensated in any way for this review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine alone*