Day 7: Write a Link Post - Bad Ass Mommies

Hobo Mama: I love Hobo Mama's blog because I agree with everything she says. It is as simple as that. I do not know many like minded mothers in real life and truly enjoy following an attachment parenting blog written from a mother's perspective. 
TidbitsParenting: Lindsey always makes me laugh whether it is in one of her posts or through one of her tweets. In addition to being hilarious she is also extremely creative and inspiring. Check out the toy kitchen she stocked for her son:
OneStarryNight: Sarah is a blogging design and how-to guru which is evident from viewing her beautifully designed blog. I am amongst her many fans/minions. She is extremely helpful, thoughtful, and insightful. I have learned a lot from her and her awesome blog. Sarah also takes some beautiful and eye-catching pictures. 
Blacktating: Elita is an incredibly well informed lactivist. Her posts are thought provoking and heartfelt. She is one of the few minority attachment parenting types that I "know". AP is not too common within our communities. I enjoy Elita's rare perspective on attachment parenting, breastfeeding issues, and like her despite the fact that she doesn't hold the Wu-Tan Clan in the same high regard that I do :) 
FreeChildhood: Imagine a gang of breastfeeding, baby-wearing, attachment parenting "crazy" ladies that would kick your ass in a dark alley if they had to. That is me and FC. Enough said. FC is smart, funny, and steadfast in her beliefs. She is exactly the type of woman I respect. 
There are many more bloggers I would love to share so I hope that you all enjoy posts such as these. I know I am all about finding new blogs to read, new people to learn from, and of course new ways to entertain myself quietly while my baby naps nearby. 
Thanks to all the women above for sharing their insights while teaching and entertaining me in the process.