Day Two: Write A List Post

I love lists. This challenge is great. I keep running lists of pretty much everything that interests me including: my top five favorite undomesticated animals, Simpsons episodes, donut brands, etc.
This is right up my alley.
CrunchyVTMommy's Top Three Favorite Baby Products
1) Prince Lionheart washPOD
Sure some fools will say something along the lines of “Meh why don’t you just use a bucket?”. Well because I might get confused and start mopping the floor with baby bath water. Buckets do not have comfortable cushiony bottoms to keep babies that do not yet have neck control supported and upright
I love this thing. I used it with P until he was about six months old and look forward to using it with P2 (we don’t have a name picked out yet) when she arrives. It is especially easy for sore new moms to use since it doesn’t require a ton of bending over and lifting.
2) Indian Pre-Fold Cloth Diapers
P was exclusively breast-fed and cloth diapered until he was seven months old. Sadly my sluttiness/upcoming pregnancy caused my supply to dwindle and I had to switch P to formula.  With the switch P began to pee a lot more. I couldn’t at the time keep up with the voluminous nighttime diaper changes and switched to disposables.
However I have a substantial cloth diaper stash that I fully plan to use in approximately ten weeks. I loved cloth diapering. I hate the guilt, smell, and chemical concern of mainstream disposables.
Indian Pre-Folds are extremely affordable and simple to use. Fold the insert the long way, cover with a cute diaper cover, and admire your handiwork. That’s it.
They are simple to clean, very durable, and once again extremely affordable. The cost of one insert ranges from .60 - $1.00. That’s it!
3) Moby Wrap
I have no idea why but my husband does all of the baby wearing. I’m not complaining. Its great just bizarre how I was the baby wearing proponent and yet he is the actual user of our entire collection of baby wearing products.
My favorite infant baby-wearing item is the Moby Wrap. It is simple to use, looks great on my husband, and is easily washable.  Preston absolutely adored being in it and was always calmed and soothed when being worn.

I could name a million more products that I adore but then you would fall asleep. These are the three that I would take on a deserted island with me if somehow I ended up there with the kids...oh and a bottle of Patron.