I was in a meeting with two coworkers and a salesman at approximately 1:45 PM today when the room I was in appeared to be shaking. I didn't say a word. I kept a straight face and looked forward.

Finally a coworker asked whether it was perhaps the train that caused the trembling. Another coworker, a native Californian, then informed us that we had just experienced an earthquake.

The reason I didn't say a word was simple. I was not going to give anyone yet another reason to think I was crazy. Lately I've been the absent minded pregnant lady that cannot remember anything or do anything right. If I start running screaming out of a (possibly) shaking room and no one else does what then?

So I waited and watched everyone else panic like fools while I played it cool and began to silently repent.

First Niki Minaj + Flo ' Rida collabos on the radio and then this ?!? It's clearly the end of days people.