Elphland Elves Book Review

I have looked forward to this Christmas for what seems like an eternity. Pweezy is finally old enough to grasp some of the concepts surrounding the holidays. I am having the best time telling him stories about Santa, his elves, and reindeer. When I was approached to review Elphland Elves I was beyond excited. I knew Pweezy would be into the story.

Elphland Elves The Story of Santa's Elves Elphland Elves The Story of Santa's Elves goes where no Christmas book has gone before. The author, B. F. Parajon, tells us how the Elves became Santa's helpers. Haven't you ever wondered that? I was an inquisitive child and remember asking my mother that very question. She probably pumped me full of hot chocolate and told me to go to sleep or something since I don't recall getting an answer. B.F. Parajon gets all up in the elves business. I like that.

B. F. Parajon has been a toy designer and artist for over twenty-five years. He was inspired to write Elphland Elves after reading his four children the same Christmas stories each year. His passion shows. The book is perfectly tailored for inquisitive little minds dying to know more about the inner working of Santa's workshop and the North Pole.

It is sure to become a family favorite in my house. Pweezy is a little too young for the story, we read it in chunks, but he enjoyed it. He would ask questions and ask to see the front cover again (I was reading on my phone) but he is too grabby to allow me to read more than a handful of pages from my phone. I finished the story one evening because I got tired of the interruptions. I truly enjoyed it and can't wait until my kids are old enough to beg me to read it to them.

Check out a sample chapter, order a copy, or download the Nook version. Thanksgiving is next week and it is most definitely time to get in the holiday spirit. Kick of the season for your kids with this fantastically imaginative story that is sure to become a holiday tradition.



***I was sent a copy of Elphland Elves for review purposes. The opinions expressed above are honest and my own.***