Etsy Love Affair: Friend Edition. My new paintings.

My friend Beth, also known as Measamommy, is in the process of starting up a business. She is an incredibly talented work at home mom. For a while now Beth has been making beautiful paintings for friends upon request. Recently she decided that she would expand beyond friends and family and take orders for her unique works of art. Check out what she made for me:

mario paintings Imario brothers II

Please excuse the iPhone pictures but I have been trying to photograph these for days and the kids are just not having it.

How awesome are these? Go ahead. Drool over my fabulous new paintings! Even my husband was excited. We were originally going to hang them in the kids' room but my husband liked them so much that he wanted to hang them in the dining room. For real.

They are currently nestled on my Crate & Barrel bookcase/desk until we can figure out exactly where we want them. We love them. Beth did a fabulous job.

If you are interested in some paintings of your own you should definitely hit her up. She offers very competitive pricing. I know I was looking at some similar paintings and was quoted nearly double.

This is not a review, sponsored post or anything of that nature. I bought these from Beth and love them so much that I had to show off :)

Her email address is measamommy at and she also has some listings on her mother's Etsy shop that she manages - With Love for M.

Have a great day and thanks so much for reading.