Frankincense & Rose Review and Giveaway

When Kate, the owner of Frankincense & Rose, contacted me I was super happy. It was been way too long since I have featured a homegrown Vermont vendor. I am pretty passionate about skin care and am very careful about the products I use on my skin. I do use some harsh products like glycolic face washes because I am not getting any younger. A little prevention can't hurt.

I do have sensitive skin so I am careful to not overdo it with treatments and alternate with gentle cleaners and lotions as well. My problem with a lot of products one can find at a drugstore or skin care boutique is that although they are marketed or labeled as "green" when you do a little digging you find out that is far from the case. Some vendors take great liberties with their definition of the word natural. Frankincense & Rose offers simple, effective, and straightforward products.

Frankincense & Rose

I reviewed the Cucumber & Green Tea Mild CleanserHoneysuckle Skin Toner, and Lavender & Bergamot Body Milk. The cleanser is great. It doesn't strip the moisture from one's skin and has just the right amount of lather. I really liked how soft my skin felt after I used it. It didn't tighten my skin up at all. I really don't like that super dry feeling my stronger cleansers give me. The light, fresh scent is a bonus.

Toners aren't usually my thing. Up until this summer I hadn't used one since high school when I was addicted to Clinique. I started using a Shisiedo toner and I loved it but wasn't sure if it was worth the high price tag. The Honeysuckle Skin Toner gets the job done naturally and at a fraction of the cost. I like to use toner on days that I wear a lot of makeup. Not often but when I have on tinted moisturizer and blush I like to make sure I remove all traces before bed to avoid breakouts. It does have a medicinal scent but it has witch hazel in it : ) can't avoid the smell but it isn't overpowering and fades quickly.


Lastly I tried the Lavender & Bergamot Body Milk. I *love* this scent combination. I usually use an unscented lotion that I share with my husband. We buy it by the jug (glamorous right?) so it was nice to have this beautiful deliciously scented lotion all to myself. It might not be moisturizing enough if you have crazy, parched alligator skin (sometimes I do since the heat in here is crazy) but for normal skin it is very effective. It is a light lotion but moisturizes almost like a cream.


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***Giveaway ends November 1st at 11:59 est. The products mentioned above were sent to me for review purposes. The opinions expressed above are solely my own and have not been influenced by anyone.***