gearing up.

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Ours was fairly chill. I feel like we spend the bulk of our weekends at various grocery stores and markets. Am I alone in this? There is no one stop culinary shopping for me in Indianapolis. It's necessary and mostly complete. We've got one more stop to make to pick up our local meats. I love cooking but the hours spent shopping every weekend are killing my vibe.

Must find a solution.

On Friday I got my driver's license. <---- Who is that person? How has so much changed in two years? Life is crazy. Back to my license. It was time. Indianapolis is not very metro. In the Midwest you drive (and drive and drive some more). We moved out of the suburbs and that has def decreased the volume of driving thankfully.

Our car died almost instantly after our drive back from Ithaca, New York after K's graduation (I haven't even posted those photos yet - ugh). We bought a safe mom car for me and I impatiently waited out the six month probationary period.

It's crazy but I did it. I gave in and got a license. It wasn't optional anyway. My babies are big kids with social lives and they need carting around.

K will be tied up this week at a leadership conference at his company. I have a pretty standard work week thankfully but I'll be on my own during morning drop off, pick up, and evening routine. I'm pretty comfortable with my driving skills (except for that stupid one way I drove down on Saturday and that red light I ran accidentally because it was HIDING!) but I'm nervous about car line. There's a hot mess of snow and ice everywhere and I hope I don't get lost and throw everything off schedule.

It'll be fine. It's not that serious. It really isn't.

After some gentle nagging I finally convinced K to get involved with a local charity that I thought would be a great fit for him. He's on the board of directors and is very involved with their upcoming annual fundraiser. I'm going to attend with him on Wednesday and am psyched to learn more about the work they do. I'll def share details once they become available because I'm proud and if you're local and interested you're welcome to attend and have a drink with me.

What's better than that on a Wednesday night?

Oh! and there is Valentine's day. No mega crazy romantic plans here. House of Cards is back. We'll probably cook something nice, grab a bottle of wine, and gorge on HOC.

Do you watch it? Claire is everything. Every single damn thing.

I'm rambling. Look at these children. 

This joy sustains me. 





happy monday friends.

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