Getting Ready for a Kmart Halloween

I have had a white ghost decoration on my front door for two weeks. True story. Pweezy saw it while we were shopping for some glue sticks. To say that I am excited for Halloween this year is a serious understatement.

Pweezy has been watching a terrible Eloise Halloween special and is very interested in the holiday. He pretends to be a ghost and says that he is "very scary". I love it and cannot wait. I have already begun shopping for costumes. Don't laugh at me. I *really* like Halloween.

I have blogged about the convenience of shopping online with Kmart before. My last experience shopping online was positive so I am giving it another try. They have an online section devoted solely to Halloween, Kmart offers free shipping on costumes over $39.99, have some online only deals of up to 15% off, AND this week only costumes are 20% off. See you were laughing at me for getting into the Halloween spirit prematurely but the early bird saves money. One of my favorite things about buying Halloween costumes is that the kids can use them year round. Sometimes when I am out of entertainment ideas I crack out last year's costumes and boom instant toddler excitement.

Pweezy wanted to help me shop. He loves to play on Mommy's laptop. The costume finder makes it so easy to hone in on the exact sizes I was looking for. I really appreciated that. When you have a toddler near your laptop it is important to work as speedily as possible.

Here are some of Pweezy's suggestions:

How awesome is this costume? He calls Smurfs "the blue mans" & instantly noticed Papa Smurf.
Pweezy seemed most excited about Superman.
Pweezy liked this one too but I thought it was too scary. I have a feeling he wouldn't have been a fan in person.

If you haven't previously considered Kmart for Halloween costumes, decorations, or accessories you should take a few minutes to click on over and check out the site. You will be surprised at the wide variety and excellent prices they have to offer. I know I was. After I looked at the costumes I checked out some decorations for a Pumpkin Patch Party I am planning for the kids and was impressed. The decorations range from super adorable pumpkins to creepy and ghoulish porch greeters. If you can't find the decorations you are looking for then you are probably a hardcore type that uses a real coffin to scare people. That's okay too but you should try to be less creepy and check out Kmart first : ) The best thing about shopping with Kmart online is that you can use Paypal to pay for your purchases. I. Love. That.

Pweezy's Superman costume cost me: $21.59. The costume was 20% off and shipping was free but I had to pay NY state tax. Extremely reasonable. My husband will be proud. The costume is scheduled to arrive between the 15th and 19th. I will update this post once Pweezy has modeled the costume.

Stand by for some super cute pictures. In the meantime feel free to use the coupon below or head to the Kmart 50ft Party Deals website to print out a larger copy.

Here is Pweezy in his costume:

 *Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. The opinions expressed above are my own and entirely honest. I have been a fan of Kmart since I was a little girl. You can ask my mom. We even used to eat in the Kmart food court. True story.*