Got Goals?

I don't. A friend from a writing group I belong to wrote a post outlining her goals for the month of February. It made me happy to see how well it worked for her the previous month. I believe in the power of positive thinking and goal setting but I am stuck.

So stuck.

I have no goals. I'm drifting aimlessly for the first time in my life. Obviously, I'm happily churning away here and on various freelance projects but I'm not actively seeking more and can't figure out why. I've talked about it with a few friends and most think it's because of our current nomadic existence.


I am way out of my element but my life is comfortable and full of happiness. The kids have been sleeping fairly well. I have no clue what's going on. I can't motivate myself to scheme or dream up anything exciting. It's very unlike me. I'm trying to force myself back in to a writing routine to see if that helps me get back to pitching or book writing mode because I do love to write. I'm not going to abandon it and it seems reckless to continue without a plan.

Where is my motivation?

The year is still fresh and I've read countless posts about new beginnings, making this the best year yet, and all that happy faced glittery stuff but it won't rub off on me. I'm so blah when it comes to motivation lately.

I think it's a cycle. I haven't set goals because I don't know what I want. I don't know what I want so there are no goals to set. Am I making any sense?

2012 was an incredible year for me and so far 2013 has been as well. I have everything I need and want. Should I want more? What happened to my motivation? I try to remind myself that this state of temporary stagnation won't last forever.

I hope.


How do you motivate yourself?