How I Tackle Parenting's Messes and Stresses?

I laugh. A LOT.


Preston is a neat freak mom's dream come true. He isn't a huge fan of getting dirty (although I have caught him eating sand on several occasions), rarely makes a mess, and isn't much of a sneak.

Cameron? Total opposite. If it's sticky, messy, or gooey she is all over it. And it is all over her. I've caught Cameron dumping eggs on the kitchen floor, finger painting on the coffee table with yogurt, and conditioning her hair with cream cheese.

It never ends.

I absolutely adore a clean house and refuse to admit how much time I spend trying to keep it that way. My efforts are usually futile. Toddlers love disasters. Messes are unavoidable and can be stressful (but then again I should've known better than to buy a white couch) but they don't have to be.

My simple solution: laugh and when possible grab the camera!

Kids are like our own personal in home court jesters. Totally there for our amusement. Kids making scrambled eggs with their feet? LAUGH and take a picture. Daughter coated her locks in cream cheese? LAUGH and toss her a bagel (I learned that trick from a Twitter friend). Son eating a "sand cake"? LAUGH and take another picture.

These moments will someday be wistful memories. Treasure them. Embrace them. When your kids are teenagers and begging for the car keys you aren't going to wish you spent more time mopping or dusting. You're going to be left on that sofa waiting up for Junior thinking about the good old days. The days when sand was a hilariously delectable snack and finger painting with yogurt seemed like a perfectly good idea.

Laugh and smile as much as you can.

huggies-latino huggies-latino

Enjoying a salty mess at a restaurant.

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