Impromptu Nap-town Car Show in McDonald's Parking Lot

Nap-town. One thing I really love about living here is the impromptu car shows. Sunday night on our way to a Mexican restaurant my husband spotted these bad boys in the McDonald's parking lot. I had my 50mm on my camera so the shots are a bit of a hot mess but the kids were hungry and not in the mood for watching mommy photograph strange cars in a parking lot.

Obviously I'm a mom and do mostly mom stuff which I enjoy tremendously but I have some other um, hobbies? This is one of them. I've been snapping shots with my phone mostly because shoving a huge DSLR out the car window in unfamiliar neighborhoods is probably not a smart thing to do. I'm not that comfortable with urban Indianapolis yet.

Actually on the way home from the Mexican restaurant on Sunday night we stumbled upon an impromptu motorcycle show. The looks on people's faces? Priceless. We pull in with our Vermont plated SUV and two kids in the back watching Martha Speaks on the iPad. Pretty much everyone was wondering why the weirdo suburbanites were there. My husband thinks they probably think we're cops so I offered to commit a crime RIGHT THERE (littering maybe?) but it was late so we went home. No photos for me. Boourns.


My mom arrives on Friday which means I will have some alone time. One of my goals is to find another car show and photograph it properly. I see all sorts of cool things here like spinning rims (which I haven't seen on the east coast since the late 90s), windows tinted so dark you can't even see a shadow, and reconstructed hoopties all done up with candy paint jobs.

I love it here.

I know 99.99% of you think I'm nuts but for those of you who enjoy this kind of thing: check these out.




 What unconventional things do you enjoy taking pictures of?