Intro to iPhoneography.

I began writing an iPhoneography tips and tricks post three months ago. How shameful is that? Time is obviously short but the more I wrote the more I realized that one post wouldn't capture everything I wanted to share. intro-to-iphoneography

Introducing the Intro to iPhoneography blog series. Every Tuesday I'll share a new post full of tips and tricks to take your phone photography to fabulous new levels. Can I say fabulous? I think my iPhone photos are fabulous but that might just be because my mom told me so. Let's not call my mom a liar  (she has freakish circus strong man strength - have I ever mentioned that?) and go with fabulous.


I will admit that this wasn't always the case. One day after a quick scan of my Instagram feed I noticed that my phone photography was not up to par with what I could do with my camera. It bothered me. I carry my iPhone far more often than my DSLR. Why wasn't I making more of an effort to improve my mobile photography? My feed was meaningful to me but technically speaking pretty lame.

I wanted to change that. I spent almost a year reading, experimenting, and practicing and have come a long way. I'm often asked about which apps I use to process or how I achieve a certain look. I hope this series answers everyone's questions.

Below is the post schedule. If you have any questions or requests leave a comment below and I'll discuss it in a post. This series is for you so don't be shy. Oh, and if you don't have an iPhone don't worry. Most of the tips will be applicable to any phone camera and I'll be sure to list some Android and Windows alternatives as well.

  • Intro
  • Getting to know your iPhone camera
  • Shooting apps. Which, why, and how
  • Editing apps. Beyond the filters
  • iPhone editing workflow
  • Composition and lighting best practices
  • Sharing your work and building a community
  • Finale


Next week: Getting to know your iPhone camera