intro to iPhoneography: iPhone editing workflow


I'm often asked about my mobile photo editing preferences. Speed, efficiency, and authenticity are my goals. Since I've upgraded to the iPhone 5 I've become a bit of a photo hoarder. I shoot endlessly and then find myself overwhelmed with the number of photos I have to cull, edit, and share. It took me a year or so but I finally nailed down an editing workflow that is quick, easy, and matches my shooting style best.


unedited photo 


edit with vscocam | highlights: 1 | saturation: 2 | contrast: 1 | fade: 2 | preset: 5

The steps differ if the photo I'm working on needs an exposure boost or a little fill light but 99% of the time the steps above are what I use to edit my photos.

If I'm editing a portrait I usually saturate and fade less but that's about it. I hope someday vscocam adds a save option so we can create our own presets and speed up the process a bit more but overall I'm more than pleased with the app.

What does your iPhone editing workflow look like?