It's been a while.

*Do you have Staind stuck in your head now? You're welcome. That song is great so I did you a little favor there* HI ! Feels like it's been forever. It hasn't. I've been "gone" a week. I ran into some hosting issues which have since been resolved by a transfer to a new host by the best of the best Sarah of OneStarryNight.

Nothing crazy happened last week. The usual sleep deprivation and baby wrangling. We had a fun week. We joined the Y which Pweezy loves. He thinks the playroom is the coolest ever. Cmoney? Not so much. It is her first time attending anything that resembles daycare and she is not a fan. She had a blast the first night but the next two were not so fun. In her defense she was teething last week so that might have been a contributing factor to her grumpiness. My husband and I took turns staying in the playroom with the kids but that is far from ideal. In a perfect world I would get to work out 90 minutes a day, five days a week. Dreaming.

I have lost ten pounds since the beginning of the month so that's good. I have about twenty more to go. Now I don't *need* to lose that much but I would like to see what I look like at my pre child weight. It hasn't been that long so I'm assuming I can pull it off but who knows.  I'm dying to get back down to 18% body fat. That remains one of my biggest achievements to date. Sad? Maybe. Don't care. After spending so much time pregnant, nursing, and gorging like a piglet at a buffet I am ready for the old me.

I was a bit of a camera slacker last week. My Project 366 while up to date is a bit of a hot mess. I have vowed to work harder this week. I entered this week's iheartfaces photo challenge and my entry is one of my favorite pictures ever. Hint: Pweezy as a pirate. Click it.

Anyway, I missed you guys and hope your week is off to a fantastic start.

smiling toddlers

Happy Monday : )