Just the three of us.

We had a bit of a rough day yesterday. Nothing major, just regular toddler stuff, no naps, a low on sleep mom, and a potty training mishap. My husband was in classes all day. I was on my own and entering the crazed bedtime hour. After I ate some frozen yogurt straight from the container (so bad) I had an inspiration spark. I pulled out my tripod, grabbed the cherub, and tried my hand at a mini family portrait (minus one). I love it! It's missing Daddy and we're all weary from a long day but its perfect. I'm pretty freaking proud of myself. We're all in focus and properly exposed!


I decided to play with my post processing and try something different. I was forced to use a high ISO to shoot this picture since it was late in the day and my camera's low light capabilities aren't the best. It was the perfect opportunity to play around with one of the CM Team All Access Pass Breakouts called Against the Grain. I used Elle Walker's tips for artistically enhancing the grain in an image in Photoshop.

What do you think? A bit gritty but still sweet.

bedtime story

I turned a rough day into a win. I have a new favorite photo and learned something new. Total win.