My kids met Santa. I annoyed an elf.

  Santa paid a visit to the Big Red Barn on Saturday. The kids were psyched to see him. They waited in line patiently and watched Santa grab goodies out of his sack for the kids in line ahead of them. I watched their excitement build as the line slowly moved.

As my husband approached Santa with the kids their eyes grew wider and their mouths started to open. Shock! It's Santa! It was adorable but fairly anti-climatic. Neither child freaked out and presented me with one of those hilariously awful miserable kid on Santa's lap photos. I don't want to torture them. I wouldn't have forced them to chill with Santa. I'm just saying I would've taken a photo as my husband ushered the children away screaming. Good times. That's what cameras are for right? There were no smiles for me either. Instead they both stood there amazed that the big guy was in their presence. It was a sweet moment.

It was my first outing with my new camera. The photos aren't too hot technically. There was a huge crowd of kids and parents hovering over Santa. I was facing Santa and so were the kids so most of my shots were of Santa's face and the back of their heads. No big deal. We'll see Santa again and I'll close down my aperture so Santa and my kids are in focus.

We had a fabulous time but I'm pretty sure one of Santa's elves hates me. As we patiently waited in line a few kids raced ahead of us to bum rush Santa. They crashed another family's photos. You know how I feel about people who allow their kids to run wild in public without regard for others. I loathe it. So I gave the mom the death glare as she stood around giggling while her child messed up another mom's photo-op.

Without thinking I not so loudly exclaimed through gritted teeth "No one better even think of ruining my Santa picture!". Crazy mom alert. Santa's elf's head whipped in my direction and she looked at me like I set a Christmas tree on fire. My B son. I'm not standing in this line getting coughed on by a bunch of strangers to have my kid's picture ruined by some gingerbread wielding big-headed toddler.

Keep it moving. You're blocking my light.


I didn't mean to say anything out loud but it happened. I'm that crazy mom. Oh well. Santa's elf hates me but I got some cute photos of my kids.

I win.