Link love and blog pimping

What are you up to this weekend? We're chilling.Yesterday was our weekly family fun day which we spent at several toy stores, Chuck E Cheese, a fabulous Mexican restaurant, and shopping for boots. I got my first pair of Frye boots after hearing so many wonderful things about them. It's been five years since I bought new boots how crazy is that? I'm such a bum. Also I should be honest - it was my husband that purchased the boots for me five years ago when I visited him in frigid Vermont sockless wearing ballerina flats. Fashion and practicality are not my strong suits.

It was a great day. My husband will spend part of the day catching up on schoolwork and I'll chill with the cherubs. I'll think about doing some packing but then not follow through. Kick it. Enjoy a nice lazy-ish weekend.

Here are some cool links I stumbled upon this week:

Pimping myself for a bit:

Have a wonderful weekend xo