London Life.

We made it to London and we're completely enamored with the place. It's gorgeous, clean, and lots of fun. The last two weeks have been full of adjustments for our family. Preston was the only one who slept during the flight. The rest of us got a few winks here and there but nothing substantial.

Cameron flexed her golden pipes for about a half hour during the flight which didn't help the sleep situation. Thankfully my husband was able to soothe her so she could nap for a bit on my chest but during her screaming lulls there were a few other kids on the flight picking up the screeching slack.

Besides that the flight was great. There was minor turbulence but I held it together and didn't drop to my knees in prayer.

We were beat when we landed. It took the kids about a week to adjust to the time change and that was also exhausting. They'd wake up at  all hours of the night looking for food, snuggles, or someone to listen to them discuss their feelings about what the pigeons at the park were eating the previous afternoon. I couldn't be happier that sleep schedules are back on track. I love them dearly but don't function well with little sleep.

I have a million things to say and a hundred photos to share. It feels good to be back. I'll pop in later this week with more.

Have you ever been to London? Any recommendations?