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poncho de anda

I am super happy to announce my selection as one of the Latina Mom Bloggers selected for the Mamás para Huggies campaign.

Cameron is still in diapers (Huggies actually) and I love the theme of this campaign. It's a perfect fit. I made a vow to laugh at the craziness that can come from parenting two toddlers simultaneously (and often alone). Preston and Cameron give me plenty of material.

Last week I was a participant in a teleconference with Huggies and Mexican TV Star Poncho de Anda. Poncho is a happily married father of two with a ton of tricks up his sleeve for tackling parenting's stresses and messes.

poncho de anda

I asked Poncho what his favorite milestone is thus far. He is a big fan of his kids' first word: Daddy. Of course! It's all his oldest child would say for a long time. I can relate. I have Preston's first word recorded on my phone and saved on my laptop. He said "Daddy" once and then non stop for a solid minute.

Poncho and his wife are celebrities but also extremely hands on parents. It was fantastic listening to a Latino father's perspective on raising young children. In our culture the old school way in many families was to leave everything to the mother. Our Papis would be there for hugs, kisses, and in the background but Mami was always running the show.

That isn't the case with Poncho. He wants to be a part of every step and milestone and all the mess and stress. Poncho understands the value of being an involved father and I love that. He's an excellent role model for new fathers.

Check out Huggies Latino on Facebook to learn more about Poncho de Anda's webisodes and keep an eye on my blog for a few more fun Huggies posts.

Disclosure: This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers & Huggies. However, all opinions expressed are my own.