Mayday. Mayday. Mommy Overboard!

Things have been nothing short of hectic in my house as of late. I am dying over here. First the toddler came down with his worst cold in at least a year. We have been very fortunate this cold season in our home, most likely because we rarely leave the house. P has been out of daycare for four months now and this is his first real illness since his departure so I cannot complain but the poor guy was in awful shape. He had a horrible cough, slight fever, and the nose? ack the nose! G-ross. C caught a cold when she was about three days old. P had brought it home from daycare. I was concerned at first but it seemed to only be a tiny sniffle and the pediatrician was not worried. Since then she has had a few more little colds with minor symptoms but not this time. This time she is coughing the saddest cough I have heard since P had croup last year. She has a horrible runny nose and is sneezing often. The bright side is she cracks herself up when she sneezes. She may also be teething.

Then I came down with mastitis. It was AWFUL. I felt rundown and then awoke at 3 a.m. to some excruciating burning pain. I will leave it at that but it was terrible. I was prescribed someĀ antibioticsĀ and am starting to feel better but it was not a good time. Oh and now I have caught the children's cold. Awesome. I am taking Elderberry syrup hourly as prescribed by my Twitter friends but overall I am feeling pretty crappy.

There have been some bright spots. We went to 'Sesame Street Live: Elmo's Green Thumb' and the kids LOVED it. C is in love with Elmo so I think she had an especially good time. I will post those pictures later.

My mother came to visit which was fabulous but she was only here for one day and night and it was exhausting for both of us.

We took the kids for a two hour ride to see their paternal great grandmother and they had a blast. They also got to hang out with their grandparents, uncle, and their dog. P seems to really like dogs which came as a huge relief to me. I do not trust anyone that doesn't like dogs.

Anyway that is partly what I have been up to and why I have been internet quiet lately. I hope someday soon I am able to get it together enough to have an hour or two to myself to write more. For now I will wallow in my self pity :) and drink another tablespoon of Elderberry syrup.

Have a great day guys.