Momspotting: Taking you from Frump to Fabulous.



I love and appreciate you guys. One of my favorite things about blogging is meeting a lot of other people with similar interests and facing similar challenges. My current challenge is finding some time to shower. I look like swamp thing. I remember after C was born how I had all the answers and was so put together and life was nothing but frolicking in meadows.

That has changed. A lot. Now that I am a stay at home mom I have zero motivation and time for putting myself together. This has to end. Summer is around the corner and I have vowed to return to my former semi fabulous self.

My friend Beth also known as Measamommy and I are hosting a giveaway/contest extravaganza to thank you for being our friends but to help you make the switch from Frump to Fabulous!

Here is the deal: Send one of us a picture of you (measamommy at gmail dot com or crunchyvtmommy at gmail dot com) in your regular awful mom gear (if you are already fabulous get the hell out of here. no seriously that's cheating and I am mad at you for being hot).

The deadline for mailing us a picture is May 20th. Beth and I will each have a page on our respective blogs with the entrant's pictures which will be posted no later than May 23rd. Once the pictures are posted voting will begin. Readers from both blogs will vote on which poor mom deserves the fabulous prize package the most.

If your stink lines are visible or if you are surrounded by a horrified looking mob you get an extra ten votes. Okay you don't. No one is that gross (nope. not me. not at all.)

You will learn more about our fabulous sponsors in the upcoming days but trust me you will love them all. The winner of this package will have no excuse for not looking her best.

We want to see moms out in the wild in their outfits therefore if your picture is of you braving the crowds in your frumpy mom gear you will receive an additional five votes.

The best part: everyone that votes has a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. $100 to Amazon can help your frump in so many ways. I don't have to tell you how awesome Amazon is.

There will be two winners. The Momspotting contest winner chosen by our readers will win the prize package (valued at over $100) and a random voter will win the gift card. If someone happens to win both then either myself or Beth will reach out via email and ask you which prize you prefer.

In order to be considered for the Amazon gift card voting prize you must be a Google Friend Connect follower of both blogs. That is it.

Send in your pictures ladies. We all know what its like to be covered in milk, baby food, or worse.There is no shame in this game.

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