Morning Coffee Confessional. No More Whining.

I cannot remember how I found KristanLynn's blog but I am already a fan of her candor and style. Her weekly meme called Morning Coffee: Confessional is fantastic. Coffee and confessions on a Monday? Why not.

1. I have tired myself with my whining about how exhausted I am. I am going to try my best not to do it anymore. Complaining hasn't made me any less tired. I will probably be tired for the rest of my life and need to learn how to deal with it.

2. Cmoney is...a handful. That is putting it very mildly. Below is an image of her rummaging through the garbage barrel searching for some recently discarded beans. She has no shame. Cmoney gets into everything and terrorizes everyone. Her poor brother can barely nap these days because Miss Cmoney thinks its funny to rip off his blanket and pinch his face as he sleeps.

cmoney rummaging through trashShe is obviously very cute and has a killer smile so she is easily forgiven but boy is mommy tired. I know I said I wouldn't say it anymore but that was it. I promise.

3. My days can feel a little like groundhog day. I am sure many stay at home parents know what I mean. It doesn't bother too much since I am happy. I do not have an exciting life (I did just get a new mop bucket. That was pretty awesome.) but that isn't a problem for me. Creating a routine that the kids enjoy and feel comfortable with is my current priority and I am committed to it.

My worry is winter time. I am used to the frigid cold but I used to stay indoors all week. That is no longer an option in a 600 square foot apartment. We will need to get out or we will all go crazy.

kids playing

Which leads to:

4. I better get my license. Nope. I still haven't done it. Before we moved from Vermont I renewed my permit and was getting all geared up to get my license but all our Cornell oriented planning got in the way and here I am in New York with no license. I need to get on that. Mostly to keep my husband quiet since I have no desire to pack up two kids in an unfamiliar town and take them anywhere alone. I am a rookie in that sense.

5. I think I am all Pumpkin Spice coffee'd out. I hate to say it but I think I built up the anticipation in my head so much that I have burned myself out on my beloved flavor a few weeks into the season. It is a true tragedy I know. I will try to make it until eggnog latte season. Mmmm eggnog.

Feel free to chastise me for my laziness in not obtaining a license for no reason other than being a spoiled, constantly chauffeured princess.

Oh, and any other coffee type recommendations for me? I need a new fix.

Have a wonderful Monday.