Most Helpful Photography Trick I've learned in 2012

Photography talk time: I'd like to formally announce that I am a proud member of the ClickinMoms Blog Ambassador team. If you've spent an iota of time on my blog, Facebook page, or chit chatting with me on Twitter you already know what a huge fan of CM I am. My photography wouldn't be where it is today without the support of the ClickinMoms staff and members. True story.

I am super psyched and honored to be on board.

Now that I've got that awesome announcement out of the way let's talk photography. We are seven months into 2012. Can you believe that? I've been shooting with my DSLR and working hard on improving my photography skills for a little over a year. I've made some great strides lately but if I had to choose the single most helpful photography trick I've learned so far in 2012 it would be: get good exposure.

If you're a member of ClickinMoms check out this thread on tips for a great straight out of the camera image (SOOC). If you aren't a member run on over and sign up for a free week using the code: VERONICATRIAL. Then get to reading.

It sounds incredibly simple but once you've mastered nailing good exposure the real treat comes when you start post processing. A well exposed image requires minimal work. I am finally at a point where I can take a shot, resize and sharpen for web (or print), and be done. It's incredible how much time you can save when you nail exposure and white balance in the camera.

Here is a shot from January 2012. Straight out of the camera (SOOC) - only sharpened and resized for web viewing.


Cute kid of course but that photo is a technical hot mess. White balance and exposure issues. All yellow. All wrong.


I fixed the white balance, temperature, and exposure in Adobe RAW and then resized and sharpened for web. Much better but still a pretty lackluster photo (minus Cameron's sweet little face).

Here are some shots from July 2012. SOOC and same as above. Only web resized & sharpened.


I can't remember what he was so happy about. I think I bribed him with some Nerds candy.



The dreaded fake smile. I knew it was coming someday. Here it is people. He's still a cutie though. I'll keep him.


He asked me: "Mommy did you model like this too when you were little like me?".

No son. When I was your age I was too busy running from the plastic lobster your Grandma tortured me with. 

I've digressed.

See the improvement!?!

All I had to do was open the three images in Photoshop, run the resize & sharpen action, and upload to Wordpress. I'm no longer overwhelmed by post processing. My in camera shots continue to improve and the amount of post processing my work needs continues to decrease.

Best tip of the year: get good exposure. Work on it and nothing else for a week. It will click.

If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I'm happy to help and love talking photography. Obviously. The only downside to getting good exposure is the ridiculously high number of keepers you'll have saved on your computer. It's truly the best kind of "problem" to have.

Don't forget you can use the code VERONICATRIAL for a free one week membership AND/or VERONICA20 for a 20% off discount off a trial, six month, or one year membership.

Look, I may not be the ClickinMoms president but I am a happy client (I also make awesome Biggie references). You know how much I love CM and I want you to love it too. And if you're not a mom? So what. There are tons of non moms on the forum too. It's a good time. I swear.


Fellow ClickinMoms Blog Ambassador Mandy of Harper's Happenings wrote a great post on taking your camera out an about. It's an awesome read because I think many of us can relate. It does feel a little weird at first to be snapping away out in public. Here's how to get over that fear and start documenting life's beautiful moments.

Happy Friday!



*This is a sponsored post and part of my ClickinMoms ambassadorship. All the above is one hundred percent honest and not influenced by anyone.I really do love CM and if you're a member there you can tell by my inappropriately high post count.*