My Baby Girl's First Birthday Party.

It seems like forever ago that Cmoney was a newborn. She has always been a mysterious baby. I knew everything about Pweezy before he was born. From his giant eyeballs to his inquisitive nature. This was not the case with our princess. It has been a joy to watch her grow and watch her personality develop (even if she is aging me prematurely. Dios mio). She has always been a very vocal and happy baby. We love it. She speaks in her baby gibberish and smiles her huge dimpley smile and instantly makes everyone's day better. My favorite thing about Cmoney is her dancing skills. I always wanted a dancing baby. Pweezy would not cooperate. He bobs his head and does a little two-step shuffle but he is way too cool to really get into it. Cmoney has no shame. She dances from morning to night and it is phenomenal. Even Pweezy can't help himself when Cmoney really gets going. They have been participating in baby dance battles and my life is now pretty much complete.

I adore my marshmallow princess and wanted to throw her a garden tea party for her first birthday. As was also the case with Pweezy's party, time, space, weather, and location constraints dictated some creative planning on our parts. We had to move the party from our yard to the community center since it had rained earlier in the day. As the day progressed the weather improved so we decided to visit the Cornell Arboretum for some family photos. We then dined at a fantastic restaurant called Maxie's Supper Club. It was a perfect day (even if I was threatening to cancel the party in the middle of the night the evening prior because Cmoney was up teething and screaming in my face until 1:00 a.m.).

I love and appreciate my family. My mother, sister, mother in law, and father in law drove 10-12 hours round trip for a one day visit. It meant a lot to us. We missed those that couldn't attend but are thankful they were able to visit us in July to see the kids at Pweey's birthday.

Happy birthday to Cmoney, the marshmallow princess, my eezo beezo. We love you more than you love stealing food from your brother. Yes. That much.

To say that we loved the decorations would be a huge understatement. We got the birthday hats and cupcake toppers from The Prop Shop Boutique. They are so beautiful that I cannot throw them away. I just can't. I have *zero* space in this apartment but refuse to part with these party hats. You can check them out on Facebook too. I highly recommend them for your party needs.

Oh and Miss Cmoney's fascinator is from Cabecita's Lindas. She loved it and wore it happily. I wore it out to dinner once she had moved on to a headband : ) Visit this lovely shop for hats, headbands, clips, bridal, birthday, and photography prop needs. They are on Facebook too. Remember Cabecita's Lindas because I have a really great review of their new no tug elastic hair ties coming up.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.