My Holiday Comforts.


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I have dreamt about experiencing the holidays as a mother for a long time. The season as always been enjoyable for me. The smell of pine, taste of eggnog, and sounds of Christmas carols make me smile deliriously. However, I had a feeling that experiencing the holiday season through a child's eyes would make everything just a little more magical for me.

I was right.

Cmoney is too young to understand why the house is full of sparkly things but Pweezy gets it. He is two years old and full of curious wonder. We often talk about Santa, the elves, and reindeer. I try explaining to him how this time of the year it is especially important to remember our good fortune. I told him one day that not all little girls and boys have a cozy house and toys to come home to. I then reminded myself that Pweezy is a baby and probably isn't ready for that conversation yet.

After a quick shopping trip last week which ended with a purchase of two new Thomas & Friends toys,  he said to me "Mama, and the girls and boys with no toys?" Pweezy remembered. He does understand. It was my proudest moment as a mother so far.

My holiday comforts include snuggling up with my babies at night, reading "The Night Before Christmas", watching their big eyes grow bigger when they see beautiful decorations, and hearing them sing along to "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer". The sound of two babies saying "ho, ho, ho" could make even the biggest grinch smile.

As comforting as the holiday rituals and traditions I have begun with my family are my greatest comfort is in knowing that my husband and I are doing our best to raise two children who recognize their good fortune and do their best to share it with others.

I love that.


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