Nurture Photography Fall Photo Challenge: Finale

Rebecca and Kristi are crazy talented and their photo challenges are beyond awesome. I always learn something new,  find beautiful new to me blogs to follow, and get inspired to shoot something different. I panicked when I realized the photo challenge finale was near and I hadn't yet shot anything fall like. The weather here is a bit bizarre. Most of the trees are barren due to the Hurricane Sandy winds and rains we received a few weeks ago. There was a frigid stretch of winter like weather. But now it's sunny, warm, and gorgeous out.

Not complaining but its bizarre weather for November in the Northeast.

Oh well, I'll take it.

I decided to share a single photo for my finale post. A still life I shot while the kids played nearby at the playground. They devoured my model once I was finished.

I'm drawn to photographing apples because they're abundant, in season, don't move, and are very pretty. I found this apple in the peck and it was perfect.

One of my favorite things about fall.


Nurture Photography Fall Photo Challenge