Nurture Photography Photo Challenge. Orange/Warmth.

Well it's finally Friday. I'm pretty psyched because my husband is flying home from DC this afternoon. He had yet another interview and while I am ridiculously proud I miss him. We have some great family stuff planned for the weekend and I can't wait to get started. Of course I'm participating in Kristi & Rebecca's Nurture Photography Photo Challenge again. The theme this week was orange/warm and boy did I struggle. The frustration is part of the fun for me because it forces me to look and play and experiment until I find something - - -> anything! that works.


Golden hour at this time of the year is the best. The light is so much warmer in the fall but not overwhelmingly so. The catch is it lasts about fifteen minutes so I don't make it outside in time often. This shot is aight. I'm drawn to brick backgrounds.


Awww ya. Can't find something orange to shoot? Make something orange to shoot. Behold! A big ugly light I turned into a pretty bokeh orb. Perfect! Sadly 90% of the pretty leaves have fallen from the trees. Autumn is too short.


The weather this week was spectacular. Perfect and quintessential northeast autumn. Preston kept warm in his (my) favorite hat. My mom gave this to him when he was a tiny baby. It still fits and keeps my pumpkin toasty.

Nurture Photography Autumn 2012 Photo Challenge