Obligatory Halloween Post.

Last year Cmoney was a month old and didn't get to enjoy Halloween. This year she dressed up as a spider. Although she didn't know what was going on she seemed to enjoy Pweezy making a spectacle of himself running to and fro searching for candy. I had a rough day (teething baby?) but trick-or-treating fixed that. I looked forward to today for months and was not let down. Since time was tight (Daddy had to run back to school for a study session) we trick-or-treated within the student housing facility. It was awesome. Adorable little kids everywhere. Pweezy handed out candy, knocked on doors by himself, and told me he "has a really, really good time". It was chilly outside so Cmoney stayed in the stroller covered in a blanket. Pweezy decided to go as Superman instead of a ghost. I was a little bummed that he had to wear a hat and sweater but I wasn't going to let him freeze. He looked super cute regardless.

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Hope your Halloween was wonderful.