On that Jessie Spano Steez.


Loud obnoxious sigh.

I'm not writing this as filler because I feel I *have* to post something. Not at all. I miss this place.

I miss you guys.

We've finally settled down in Ithaca after our post Indianapolis road trip to North Country New York, Northern Vermont, my hometown in Northern Massachusetts, and New York city for the Blogher Conference.

Whew. I feel like Jessie. Again.

We're thrilled to be together as a little family once again. Although my husband and I were able to spend some much needed kid free time together (omg we had fun), we missed the kids tremendously.

It was our first time away from the kids as a couple and it wasn't easy for either of us. We got through it and the time away was wonderful but it was difficult. I'm thankful and grateful for all the help we received from our families. We're blessed and the weekend would've been impossible without their help.

Blographer was incredible. Blogher was life changing. Joanna may have had her fill of me for the next few years.

I had fun and have a lot to tell you but I need sleep. For now I hope this handy-dandy bulleted list of craziness will suffice (of course it will - you people have better things to do than listen to my crazy sleep deprived rantings anyway).

  • Cameron is weaned. She hasn't nursed since last Wednesday. I'm in a ton of pain and the transition has been difficult.
  • Weaning during an intense and massive blog conference might be one of the dumbest things I've ever done.
  • I'm proud to be a member of the Blogher network.
  • Photographing Social SoirĂ©e was a fantastic experience. I met some of the nicest and most fun people ever. The Social Soiree crew is incredible to work with.
  • I'm officially ending my thirty years long feud with New York city. I take it all back. NYC is incredible if you allow it to be. The Yankees, Giants, Rangers, Knicks, Bills, and Mets (sorry Abuelo) still suck though. Go (and and all) New England teams! ;-P
  • I'm exhausted and overwhelmed but any day above ground is a good one.

How are you?