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My blog and twitter friends Mimi & RosesDaughter asked me to recommend some photography and photographer blogs to follow. I was happy to oblige. Coincidentally I had started this post a few weeks ago but the ladies lit the fire under me to finish. When Rosedaughter told me she took the plunge and bought the same DSLR I had just purchased I was ecstatic. Another newbie! I started harassing her and inundating her with recommendations. I am a nerd and can (and will) spend hours researching things that interest me. I am also a brat that likes to prove her husband wrong :OP so in a very serious effort to learn as much about photography as I could I started educating myself. Here are some of my current favorite resources.


This is a private forum for hobbyist and professional photographers. The women are brilliant, talented, and supportive. I cannot say enough good things about clickinmoms. It is the most inspiring and educational online group I have had the pleasure to be a part of. There are varying levels of paid membership, workshops, break-out sessions with pro photographers, classes and tutorials. The tutorials are free and included in the cost of forum membership and are an excellent starting point for an aspiring photographer or a woman with a camera that she hasn't learned her way around yet. Their blog is fantastic as well. You can find plenty of original information and inspiration there. Definitely worth subscribing. Join. Period. If the price seems steep keep in mind that the tutorials are free, you can have pictures critiqued by many talented women, and there is a treasure trove of information that you can use to learn at your own pace. {If you do want to join I have an affiliate link in the sidebar. Click on the clickinmoms picture}

You can try the forum for free for a week if you use the code CMPOST. 

Styleberry Blog

Shawna is an insanely talented and super inspiring photographer. She is a retired corporayte type, military wife, and mom to a little girl. Her processing is clean, her style is unique, and her newborn portraiture is to die for. My favorite thing about Shawna is this post. Read it. Save it. It is a wonderful read for anyone new to photography. Aside from enjoying her beautiful work I admire her for graciously sharing her knowledge.

Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk

Ashley hosts a unique meme called Scavenger Hunt Sunday that I promise myself I will participate in every week. One day I will get it together and join in but for now I will continue reading her posts, appreciating her editing tips, and admiring her skill. I love that Ashley rediscovered her love of photography once she immersed herself in blogging. Reminds me of myself.

Live and Love Out Loud

If you follow me on Twitter then chances are you have seen me and Kristi gossiping about the Real Housewives series. I have followed Kristi forever and I l o v e her. She is sweet, funny, and so down to earth she could be a worm. I made that up. I enjoy watching her grow as an aspiring photographer, participating in her challenges, and reading hilarious stories about being a mom to a toddler, pre-teen, and teen. I do not know where Kristi finds the time (She probably doesn't sleep which explains her vast Housewives knowledge) but I read her blog every day without fail.

Kimberly Gauthier

Kimberly is a self taught photographer that bucked the Canon and Nikon trend and shoots with a Sony DSLR. Fiesty! She is the sweetest person ever and always takes the time to answer questions about photography. Her blog is packed with useful information for new photographers, she offers a free e-book to help you get out of auto mode and into manual mode (which is where it's at. you should see my auto pictures. woof). Kimberly's facebook fan page is very active and she shares a ton of images and educational posts there as well. I hope this list is helpful. I have many more resources to share so if you enjoy this post please let me know and I will get working on a few more.

Have a wonderful Monday : )

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In case anyone is wondering this is not a sponsored post. I am not an employee of clickinmoms or affiliated with them professionally in any way. I am a member and love spreading the word : )