Play Date & a Photo Shoot

I met Amanda, a professional potrait photographer serving the Rochester, NY area, a few months ago when I led our area Clickin Moms walk. We clicked (see what I did there?) instantly and so did our kids. Our sons are close in age and had so much fun together. We were finally able to get together last weekend and Amanda was kind enough to snap some professional shots of our little family. It was our first official photo shoot and I am dying to share with you. We met up at Charlotte Beach on Lake Ontario in Rochester, NY and it was gorgeous. There was an ominous thick fog that was perfect for picture taking but freaked Preston out a little. It was also over 20 degrees colder than it had been away from the beach and we were  not dressed accordingly. Thankfully I had the kids' coats stowed away in the back of the car but I was stuck in a sleeveless dress shivering like crazy.

Below are some shots I took for Amanda. She is happy with them and so am I but I know I am capable of more. I'm not a pro like Amanda who can roll with the punches and shoot despite less than ideal circumstances. My kids were cold and cranky and running around a beach and I was super distracted. I had an awesome time regardless and Amanda is so pretty that it made my job nice and easy.


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